Thursday, June 28, 2012

Non-Sports: Outrage - Airbus set to outsource about 1,000 jobs

Multiple sources confirm Airbus announcement scheduled for Monday
Published on Mobile | shared via feedly
MOBILE, Alabama -- Multiple company, state and local officials confirmed that an agreement was in place to bring Airbus to Mobile, and that company president Fabrice Bregier was scheduled to announce the project at a 10 a.m. news conference at the Mobile Convention Center.
A state official who participated in the negotiations said plans call for an initial work force of about 1,000 and that the company would spend several hundred million dollars to construct the plant. Alabama will contribute more than $100 million in tax breaks and other incentives, the official said.

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Who knew that, in a global economy, corporations would seek to build plants and hire workers where they want to expand their markets and lower production costs for serving those markets?

The French must be really, really pissed off. Surely, somehow, Bain Capital is involved in this shameless outsourcing deal.

Just like the Germans were pissed when Mercedes Benz built a plant near Tuscaloosa and Thyssen-Krupp Steel built one just north of Mobile.

And I bet the South Koreans rose up in righteous anger over the construction of the Hyundai facility just south of Montgomery.

How dare these global companies seek global opportunities.


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