Monday, June 25, 2012

Tenured professor arrested in prostitution sting... keeps his job?

UGA professor in prostitution sting keeps job
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The University of Georgia has agreed not to fire a professor charged in a prostitution sting, even if he is found guilty, as long has he retires by the end of next year's spring semester.

A UGA spokesman said Max Reinhart, a tenured professor, has agreed not to sue the university and leave the campus May 10, 2013, as long as he’s not terminated.

Reinhart, 65, was arrested June 7 after Gwinnett County authorities say he tried to prostitute himself for $60 after setting up a meeting online with an undercover agent.
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This is not a knock on Georgia because frankly, almost every major public university with tenure policies would likely treat this the same way.

But what if Reinhart changes his mind and decides not to retire?

If the administration chose to begin the termination process, Reinhart would then likely remain on faculty--perhaps in a suspension with pay status--until the appeals process has run its course.

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