Monday, June 25, 2012

Promising Auburn QB "sent home" following public intoxication arrest

Zeke Pike leaves Auburn for rest of summer following arrest for public intoxication
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Freshman quarterback Zeke Pike has left Auburn and has gone home for the rest of the summer following a weekend arrest for public intoxication.  

He is returning to his Fort Mitchell, Ky., home and will miss weeks of informal summer workouts with his teammates. 

This was not Pike's first off-the-field issue, said someone familiar with the situation. Auburn officials did not address his status Monday.
Tree story in 5...4... 3...

Walking down a darkened street, drunk as bicycles and hollering obscenities at anyone who would (or would not listen). Who didn't do that when they were 19 years old?

I certainly did, but back then being drunk in public was legal even if you were 19.

And, I didn't play for a major college football team.


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