Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Non-Sports: Angry lefties flood twitter with death threats after Wisconsin vote UPDATE: Authorities investigating

Prepare to be disgusted.

Death threats after a recall election? Seriously?

Following Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker’s recall victory over former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, supporters of the challenger took to Twitter to openly call for his assassination. Warning, there is some seriously foul language at the link.

image If you can stand to do so, scroll down to the part where goons also threaten Walker’s wife and children.

It should make you sick.

If you haven’t been following Wisconsin politics over the last two years, here are the Cliffs:

Walker beat Barrett in the 2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial race. Wisconsin voters also handed control of the legislature to Republicans. Walker, who ran on a campaign platform of reducing spending and reducing influence of government employee unions, promptly began implementing the platform he was elected on.

Democrats and their public employee labor unions reacted violently, with near daily riots in the streets of Madison and Democrats in the legislature abandoning the state to prevent a legislative quorum needed to pass Walker’s austerity measures.

Those measure eventually passed anyway. The unions were denied collective bargaining ability (in many, but not all situations), state employees were required to contribute more of their own pay to pension and healthcare plans and some salaries were reduced. In the end, none of them lost their jobs.

In the process, Walker and the GOP legislature eliminated a $3.6 billion budget deficit and created a surplus. Property taxes went down for the first time in years. The unemployment rate in Wisconsin is about two points below the national average.

Yesterday’s recall vote was the last chance Wisconsin Democrats and their public employee union allies had to reverse the 2010 election and the legislation passed in its aftermath. They failed—miserably. Walker won decisively, 53% to 46% and drew hundreds of thousands more votes in the recall than he did in the general election.

A message was sent—when people pledge to make tough decisions during their campaign and follow through on their promises—they’ll be rewarded. The public is sick of a small, powerful segment of our society using unholy political alliances and thug tactics to to remain firmly attached to the public teat.

And when they lose, they get violent.

UPDATE: It looks like the authorities are taking these threats seriously.

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