Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Morning Six Pack: June 06, 2012

imageDo you think D-Day would have been successful without beer? Of course not. Now, enjoy these six college football stories from around the country.

Derek Dooley's Strange Inheritance

This whole piece is really about Derek Dooley, who like a lot of coaches is stuck somewhere between a team's perceived potential and what it might actually be. That margin is the killer, because we know that a.) Derek Dooley inherited a barn fire, and b.) that barn fire has not been made any better by injuries, the brutal realities of playing in the SEC, or the winds of random stupidity gusting through Knoxville from time to time.

Is Florida on the verge of landing a Class of 2013 QB?

With Buchanan committing to Ole Miss, the Gators are still looking for a signal-caller this cycle.

Ex-Oklahoma State RB charged with felony

Late last week, Oklahoma State announced that sophomore running back Herschel Sims had been dismissed from the team. Though the reason for the dismissal was vaguely explained as a “violation of unspecified team rules”, word on the Internet street was that Sims was connected to stealing $700 from the bank account of freshman linebacker Jeremiah Tshimanga. 

Big Ten officials say they prefer plus-one

Big Ten administrators would prefer a plus-one system over a four-team playoff to determine a national champion if the BCS can't be maintained in its current form.

Remember our admonition: Never underestimate these guys’ ability to screw this up.

Kansas LB Jake Farley transferring to play for his dad at Northern Iowa

Charlie Weis announced the departure of linebacker Jake Farley on Monday. Farley is planning to play for his father at Northern Iowa.

Wisconsin will distribute old Camp Randall turf – eventually

Last week, Wisconsin finished installing new Field Turf in Camp Randall Stadium. And while the new field looks great, the university now has to figure out what to do with the old stuff.

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