Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Six Pack: June 22, 2012

imageThe summer solstice six pack of college football stories from around the country.

I didn’t say you stole the money.

When I was in high school, a teacher used the phrase “I didn’t say you stole the money” to show how nuances in human language can completely alter the intended meaning of a statement. I’d ask fans to sit back from this article, and just say that phrase aloud. Ask some friends to say it aloud. Basically, get a cross-section of humanity to say it to reinforce my point.

Now, housekeeping aside, I have one more favor to ask; namely that you accept that the 2012 BCS Championship Game is the primary impetus for changing the BCS. The other reasons that have been bandied about are a worthless sideshow to that central truth.

Former El Dorado Standout QB Taylor Reed Transferring To Arkansas From Memphis

Arkansas is adding a transfer quarterback. Taylor Reed, an El Dorado product, is joining the Razorbacks after spending last season at Memphis. Reed will have to sit out in 2012 to satisfy NCAA transfer rules.

Summer conditioning harder than ever for Mountaineers

Every year as West Virginia enters summer workouts, there is a constant theme of players expressing the current summer’s workouts as the toughest they’ve ever gone through.

Notre Dame to the Big 12?

Now that the BCS is dead, what we need is moar conference realignment talk!

If BCS is out, what happens to coaches poll?

Here to stay.

How the playoff would have worked.

Bama would have been in four of the four-team fields.

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