Thursday, June 21, 2012

Craig James returning to TV?

LebowskiHeadShakeWhat a wonderful idea, right?

Fresh off his run for the US Senate, James says he’s not returning to ESPN this fall. That’s probably because the Worldwide Leader wants absolutely nothing to do with the man who landed the network in the middle of a nasty lawsuit from former Texas Tech and current Washington coach Mike Leach.

"There are a couple of networks that have called to see what I am willing to do," he said. "When I resigned in December, I went all in for politics, and I found out how many people enjoyed me as a broadcaster. James said. "They said they would miss me, and I said thank you.”

"I know that I am a communicator and have broadcasting skills that have taken me to the highest level.”

“I can do sports, but I have a political platform now. I have had folks reach out to me about that. I can talk about sports and turn my hat around and talk about what is happening with Iran, Israel, immigration, Medicare, Medicaid."

In a field of four in the Republican Primary, James finished dead last with 50,211 votes and  4% of the total cast.

Despite his conservative zeal, even Fox News is unlikely to take on a loser like that. Fercryinoutloud, the dude couldn’t get five dead hookers to vote for him.

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