Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Six Pack: June 21, 2012

imageTake a little of that Kräusen and spread it on your toast as you enjoy these six college football stories from around the country.

Hello, college football playoff; goodbye, BCS computers

The BCS commissioners sang kumbaya in, of all places, the Camelot Room. They emerged Wednesday at a Chicago hotel to announce a consensus for a seeded four-team playoff.

Oddsmakers still high on USC’s 2012 title hopes

Thanks to a 10-win 2011 season that included a road win against then-No. 4 Oregon as well as a plethora of returning talent, USC has been viewed by most observers — including one you may recognize — as a serious contender for the 2012 BCS title

Vanderbilt once tried to start a conference called the Magnolia Conference including SMU, Rice, Duke, and Tulane.

The school followed through on this effort and played a game against Yale in October 1948. However, after the Vanderbilt Commodores shut out the Yale Bulldogs, 35-0, Yale said they no longer wanted to play Vanderbilt.

NCAA Posts APR Scores

NCAA Posts APR Scores I honestly don't care much about these NCAA APR scores, but here they are if you're interested in a stat that is flawed and is difficult to compare across schools. No SEC teams are getting a postseason penalty this year, so at least no one has to worry about that.

NCAA's director of enforcement quits

NCAA director of enforcement Bill Benjamin has resigned, eight months after taking the job.

Football APR Scores Broken Down by Conference

I'm not convinced the APR is all that good a measure of academic progress, but if you put a fresh data set in front of me, I instinctively begin making charts. So, here are the APR scores for each of the football programs of the schools in BCS conferences.

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