Monday, June 25, 2012

Larry Scott: Playoff Model to last "at least" a decade

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Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott Believes This Proposed College Football Playoff Model Will Be in Place for At Least a Decade

“It’s really hard to look at a crystal ball beyond five or ten years and I think you will see this format in place for a good period of time. I don’t think the conferences or BCS has done themselves a good service by having such a short term deal so that the format is a constant discussion point. It’s taken us a good six months in terms of discussion to get to and I think this solution is an artful balance that allows us to move forward with a playoff. Fans will see it more on the field and be less reliant on polls or objective measures but at the same time still preserves the importance of bowls, we’re still going to have top teams in the Rose Bowl, preserves the value of the season, fits with the academic calendar, there’s only one game – the National Championship game – that will take place once classes have already begun so I think this is a model that fits. I think you will see it in place for a while, I’d say at least a decade and after that we will see.”

Via Fox Sports Radio.

God, please let them get this right.

By the way, you'll want to click the link and hear the whole segment. Scott talks about how much tougher the Pac-12 schedules are vis-a-vis  the Southeastern Conference and how he came around on the idea of a selection committee. It's pretty clear that he acted in his own conference's best interest.


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