Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From the Governor’s Mansion to the President’s Mansion

image Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels said to be in line to become Purdue University President

WISHTV 8 is reporting that the Purdue University Board of Trustees is poised to vote on a candidate to become its new President, and that the man they have in mind is Governor Mitch Daniels.

Daniels is term limited and cannot seek reelection. He has also been on many pundit “short lists” as a potential running mate for Republican Mitt Romney.

The WISH report states that neither the Governor’s office nor the university have publicly commented on the matter, but that sources connected with both parties say it’s all over but the vote Thursday.

Daniels' office had no comment Tuesday afternoon. However, sources with connections to both Purdue and the governor said it's a done deal.

It will be one more title for Daniels to add to a varied career that has included such posts as president of the Hudson Institute and vice president of Eli Lilly and Co., as well as White House political director and White House budget director.

Daniels is likely to complete his term as governor, while Purdue appoints an interim president WISH-TV political reporter Jim Shella said.

The public is invited to the meeting and introduction. The vote and announcement will also be broadcast live on Purdue’s website .

With the expansion of the Big 10 conference to 12 members, a record $24 million revenue distribution per school and the anticipated windfall associated with the still gestating college football playoff, Purdue is like many of the rust belt programs in that it’s doing well in a place that economically isn’t as healthy as coastal and southern regions of the US.

So why not take a relatively cushy job with an almost guaranteed revenue stream and continue in the athletics facilities arms race? It’s recession proof and bears almost none of the pressure, scrutiny or thanklessness of a Vice Presidential gig.

While some on the farther right side of the spectrum may be breathing a sigh of relief over Daniels being apparently taken out of the pool of Veep candidates, others saw Daniels’ qualifications for the job matching up quite will with those of the guy at the head of the ticket.

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