Friday, June 1, 2012

Finebaum moving? HUGE

Cox radio executive says he expects Paul Finebaum will switch stations
Published on Sports Impact | shared via feedly
WJOX radio personality Paul Finebaum and his attorneys met this week with attorneys for his current employer to try to reach a settlement of his breach of contract lawsuit.

As of Friday afternoon, a settlement had not been finalized.

Meanwhile, an executive with the Cox Media Group in Birmingham says he expects Finebaum to jump from Citadel Broadcasting to Cox sports-talk station 97.3 The Zone as soon as he is free to do so. 
Read the rest here.

If Paul Finebaum moves away from JOX and towards 97.3, it would be a huge shift in power for Alabama sports media. Don't underestimate it, and keep your eyes on this ball.



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