Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trent Richardson: “I’m not going to change my game.”

image Unfortunately, the NFL Network does not provide a user-friendly way of embedding their videos, so here’s the link, in which former Alabama running back and Cleveland Browns’ first round draft pick shares an interview with fellow draftee Brandon Weedon.

Warning: videos have a long and storied history of eating resources and driving CPU core temperatures into the 200’s, so you might want to skip around in this one as it’s 7:24 long.

In the video, Richardson explains that a lot of what he’s seen in rookie training camp reminds him of the stuff thrown at him by Alabama’s offensive braintrust, from play calls to formations, with only adjustments needed in understanding verbiage. He says that he remains a “student of the game,” which has to make Browns fans as excited to see him on the field as Bama fans were from 2009 through the BCS Championship Game in January.

But when the conversation changes to how the NFL has a tendency to wear down feature backs, Richardson essentially explains that he is what he is, and he’s not changing his game.

That exchange comes about 4:00 minutes in.

Another curious exchange comes about 6:00 in, where Richardson and Weedon are asked about NFL history. The only time in the Super Bowl era that a TB and QB were taken in the first round was in the 1979 Bengals' class.

Those two players failed to take the Bengals to the playoffs. If the Browns make the 2012 playoffs, it will be the first time in history. The reaction of Richardson is priceless.

Knowing that he can make history means something to this young man.

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