Monday, May 21, 2012

Morning Six Pack: May 21, 2012

imageOn the road again. I just can’t wait to get on the road again… But please don’t drink these college football stories from around the country and attempt to drive. You leave that to the professionals.

Hugh Freeze explains 246 scholarship offers

Posted by: Pete Roussel on May 20, 2012 Hugh Freeze is following a similar recruiting model that he learned as an assistant from 2005-2007 under former Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron. A number of players recruited by Orgeron's staff were eventually selected in the NFL draft.

Is 246 a lot of schollies to offer?

Trip to Haiti a lasting experience for Pitt athletes

Being a Division I athlete is often equated to a full-time job. Between games, practices and weightlifting sessions, any time off is a valuable commodity. Understandably, the few weeks after the spring semester ends are usually a chance to go home, visit family and relax.

For 15 Pitt student-athletes, not so much.

And, USC.

Trip to Haiti inspires, humbles USC players

Led by Matt Barkley and his family, 16 members of the Trojans football team traveled to the impoverished country to provide earthquake relief. The Haitians weren’t the only ones who got something out of it.

Cornelius Bennett vows to help make football safer, but first he'll raise funds for Children's Village

The Second Annual Cornelius Bennett/Children's Village Golf Challenge is scheduled for Monday at Greystone.

Sooners get much needed help at wide receiver

With off-field issues for a trio of players at the position, wide receivers could be in short supply at the start of the 2012 season. While the Sooners added a receiver transfer from Fresno State, Jalen Saunders very likely won’t be available until 2013 thanks to NCAA transfer rules.  Immediate help for OU, however, is on its way.

According to the Daily Oklahoman, JUCO receiver LaColtan Bester has signed with the Sooners and will play for OU this coming season.  Bester spent the 2011 season at East Mississippi Community College, where he caught 76 passes for 1,042 yards and 17 touchdowns.

ACC Commish John Swofford: Whistling past the graveyard

As he sat down with reporters following three days of meetings with representatives from the NCAA, ESPN, the conference's 14 member schools and his own staff, ACC Commissioner John Swofford appeared a tad fatigued but sounded completely confident last Wednesday morning.

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