Friday, May 4, 2012

Silly Season: Clemson's Sammy Watkins arrested

Clemson Football Star Sammy Watkins Arrested by University Police
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Clemson University wide receiver Sammy Watkins was arrested by university police and booked into the City of Clemson's holding facility early Friday morning, according to Clemson City Police Chief Jimmy Dixon.

Chief Dixon would only confirm Clemson University Police booked Watkins into the city's holding facility.

Since Dixon's department didn't make the arrest, Dixon wouldn't confirm why Watkins was arrested and said any additional information would have to come from the Clemson University Police Department.
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ColorOfGrey said...

Free pass. Not everyone gets one. Star players at Clemson do though. Too bad. He could have kept partying like any college kid----he didn't get caught for smoking weed, he was caught for being stupid. If it happened in the fall it might have actually impacted his football career in some way. In May though, Clemson gets to test just how short people's memories are. Still, it's a funny story. I guess we have to assume he wasn't drinking because they would have mentioned it if he had been, which makes running your Cadillac onto a curb in front of cops after midnight even more ridiculous.

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