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Morning Six Pack: May 05, 2012

image Six college football stories from around the country. Because it’s Cinco de Mayo, dude.

Officials risk complicating a playoff system

Is a 'conference champion only' model the right direction to take the postseason?

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany met with members of the media this past Wednesday in Chicago and discussed one possible way of determining a national champion in college football once a four-team playoff is implemented in 2014.

Delany said that a "conference champion only" model is being discussed that would include teams that won their leagues, but the squads would only qualify if they were ranked among the top six teams in the country.

Colorado State trio expelled from school

McElwain’s first big test. Last week, three Colorado State players were charged with one count each of disorderly conduct in what was described as the “savage beating” of a couple of fellow students, leading some to believe that the trio had a future with the football program.

Not only is that not the case, but the players won’t have a future at the university, either.

Top recruit not going to Ohio State after contacted by sex offender

An Ohio State recruit has told the Buckeyes he will not attend the university, according to several published reports, amid concern that a convicted sex offender had interactions with players and recruits associated with the program.  Alex Anzalone, one of the nation's top linebacker recruits, committed to Ohio State last month in what was turning out to be a stellar class for new coach Urban Meyer.

But Anzalone, of Wyomissing, Pa., will reopen his recruiting process, after being contacted by Charles Eric Waugh, 31, of Ashland, Ky. In 2008, Waugh pleaded guilty to five counts of possession of underage sexual content. And this year, across Twitter, he contacted several Ohio State coaches, athletes and even recruits, including Anzalone. He also posed for photos with some of them.

Family of NC State canine mascot poisoned ... again

Pasquotank (N.C.) County Sheriff  Randy Cartwright confirmed Friday the Tamaskan dogs had been poisoned in the same manner they were a year ago: The perpetrator buried a bowl of fish laced with antifreeze on the property of the dogs' breeder in Elizabeth City, N.C.

In the most recent case, the dogs ate the fish, and soon three of them began showing signs of illness. Those three were transported to Chesapeake Animal Hospital in Virginia, where they are listed in serious condition.

Do more college football wins equal fewer academic donations?

Common sense suggests a university's athletic success translates to more athletic donations. But do victories on the field also help academic giving?

For years, that's been a rebuttal by universities to critics who say college sports distracts from a university's educational mission. Now partial research at the University of Arkansas suggests football success may actually reduce academic donations.

And finally… it’s come to this:

LSU fan in post-BCS video sues Alabama man

The Alabama man accused of committing sexual battery on an unconscious LSU fan after the BCS championship football game is being sued.

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