Friday, May 4, 2012

Phillip Sims’ High School Coach: “I was taken out of context.”

In an exclusive interview on WNSP 105.5’s Sports Center morning show with Mark Heim and Lee Shirvanian, Oscar Smith High School football coach Richard Morgan says his comments regarding the quarterback competition between Phillip Sims and AJ McCarron were taken out of context.

Listen as he explains how the story didn’t properly convey his thoughts on the matter, and how he thinks Alabama coach Nick Saban got the decision right.

Morgan also says he’d still send an athlete from his school to Alabama (and any school in the SEC) and goes on to explain that he felt Sims was treated fairly and that the talented quarterback enjoyed his time at Alabama.

As to why Sims ultimately sought a transfer, Morgan explains that there is a family situation involved that would be revealed later. He declined to describe the situation but stressed that it was personal and that he wasn’t in the position to “put it out there.”

Morgan became the center of a controversy when the Virginia Pilot published comments he made in reaction to the news of Sims’ transfer, in which he was quoted as saying that McCarron got the job because he was a native of the state. Sims is from the Chesapeake area of Virginia.

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Tider said...

he sounds much different than he was portrayed in the article, but he is still clearly hanging onto the idea of AJ being supported more because he is a Bama kid. Saban is a lot of things but biased towards anyone he is not.

MSR said...

What a pitiful "explanation" -- it made zero sense relative to what he actually said. The truth is he said something incredibly stupid, was rightfully embarrassed by it and is now trying to walk it back by "clarifying". Phillip finished second because he played slow when the lights came on and had a penchant (even in practice) for throwing the ball to the other team.

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