Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ohio State has more NCAA violations to report

Gene Smith: More NCAA violations are pending
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There are more NCAA violations on the horizon for Ohio State, and athletic director Gene Smith said he doesn't know what the NCAA will make of them.

Smith told The Lantern Tuesday the athletic department has 12 pending NCAA violations, and he doesn’t know if they will be deemed primary or secondary violations.

“We’ve got 12 pending,” Smith said. “It may turn out to be secondary. It may not.”
Read the full story here.

Via Sports Illustrated, we also have an otherwise mundane story of a school planning to boost student-athletes’ ability to help develop study habits and improve participation. How is that going to fly with the NCAA, if this program isn't offered to the student body as a whole?

Don't forget that during the 2012 recruiting season, Big 10 coaches howled in protest over the Buckeyes' recruiting practices.

Ohio State is already serving a sanction sentence including a post-season ban for football coach Urban Meyer's honeymoon season.

May you live in interesting times, Buckeye fans.


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