Saturday, May 19, 2012

Morning Six Pack: May 19, 2012

imageFeel pity for those who don’t get their morning sixer in because that’s as good as they’re gonna feel all day. Six college football stories from around the country.

SEC-Big 12 bowl game alliance starts unthinkable change in college football

The SEC and Big 12 announced a bowl partnership Friday, one that never more clearly defined the haves and have-nots of college football. If you’re not part of the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12, you’re on the outside with your face pressed against the big-boy glass. The handful of powerful BCS teams remaining now have a clear decision to make: Join one of the four major conferences, or get shut out of the future of the game.

Former Clemson WR Brian Wofford killed in accident

The extended Clemson football family has suffered a loss as a former standout wide receiver was killed this past week. First reported by multiple media outlets, the university confirmed via a press release that Brian Wofford died Friday morning after the motorcycle that he was driving was hit by an automobile.

Miami QB Morris says he's 100 percent healthy after back surgery

Three months after undergoing back surgery that kept him sidelined during spring football, Miami quarterback Stephen Morris said Friday that he's now 100 percent healthy and has been given full medical clearance. Morris said he has been running, lifting weights and throwing with the team's receivers. "Now that it's been a couple months, I've been throwing normally. Everything is back to where it was before," Morris said.

Analysis: With Big 12-SEC Game Comes Uncertain Ripple Effect

What about Notre Dame?

The Irish appear more isolated in football independence after every reverberation, real or projected, of conference realignment. The Big East, where Notre Dame houses its non-football programs, appears vulnerable if the A.C.C. loses more teams. “We don’t think it has significant near-term consequences for Notre Dame,” the Irish athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, said of the Big 12-SEC game. He added that he would continue to monitor the landscape. Don’t expect anything to happen with the Irish until after a playoff plan is completed.

Jeff Long “not interested” in leaving Arkansas

“Although I do not consider it appropriate to discuss the personnel searches of other universities or colleges, I feel it’s important to address recent speculation about me and the athletics director position at another prestigious institution,” Long’s statement began. “Although I can’t be responsible for what others are saying or thinking, I do know that I am not interested in leaving the University of Arkansas. My interest and commitment continues to be providing leadership to the University of Arkansas and to Razorback athletics at this critical time in our program’s history.”

Video: Nick Saban welcomed to Ft. Benning by soldiers

As part of his Crimson Caravan visit to Columbus, Georgia on Thursday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban visited Fort Benning. Saban was greeted by a large contingent of soldiers, who surprised Saban with a familiar cheer.

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