Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Auburn fans help Bammers find places to shop

God Bless’em. You may recall that a couple of months ago, Auburn fans displayed a bit of hypersensitivity when it came to the apparel and gear inventory of a Baldwin County Alabama Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Word got out and the store’s business boomed as Alabama fans made sure to support the businesses that roll with the Tide.

Illustrating that the Cracker Barrel incident wasn’t just an isolated case of Little Brotheritis: this comprehensive list of business establishments deemed to be disrespectful of teh fambly.

Click the image below the fold for the full version.

Bama fans, since survey after survey shows that this is Alabama’s state and Auburn is just living in it, we’re sure you know what to do.

Weegle, weegle.

Helmet Tap to @BSBHVR2 and the denizens.

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Jay said...

In that thread you can also find another golden quality of the barners, getting people fired. (Post by "UltraAU")

Bamabird said...

It almost isn't fun to make light of these poor simpletons. NTYF... etc, etc, etc. Do they tell their kiddies to be afraid of the big bad Red Elephant? Is Saban really the Bogeyman who will snatch a prized recruit? And to think, I thought THC caused such a lovely level of paranoia. Now, I know it is the color Crimson. Roll Tide boogs.

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