Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shots fired on The Strip in Tuscaloosa, injuries reported (UPDATE: DeAndrew White NOT shot)

Via the student newspaper Crimson White.

Gunshots were fired early Thursday morning on the Strip, according to an alert notification delivered via email by University Relations at 2:47 a.m. A later alert, sent by University Relations at 3:47 a.m., said the situation had been cleared and that two suspects were in custody.

“Shots fired on the Strip. Officers on scene. One suspect in custody. Take necessary precautions,” the first alert read, in its entirety.

“Situation cleared,” the second alert read. “Both suspects in custody. No gunshot injuries. Follow up investigations continue.”

Photos posted on Twitter show a crowd gathered outside of Egan’s, a bar on University Boulevard near the University of Alabama campus.

At least two injuries were reported and two suspects were placed in custody.

According to the CW story, one of the victims was identified as an employee of a nearby establishment.

The other victim was not identified, but a witness told the CW that she saw Alabama coaches and football players at the hospital, including Coach Scott Cochran and linebacker Nico Johnson, leading to speculation that one (or more) football players were involved in the incident.

Photos below. More on this story as it develops.

UPDATE: The Tuscaloosa News reports that there were no gunshot injuries. However, as the third photo below clearly shows, at least one individual was transported to the hospital with injuries.

UPDATE II: If there were Alabama football players involved, none were seriously injured enough to seriously delay or cancel the team’s scheduled trip to visit the White House and meet with President Barack Obama later today. As of 08:51 am CDT, the plane carrying Coach Saban and the 2011 National Champions were en route to Washington, DC. Arrival time is approximately 11:30 EDT.

UPDATE III: reports that sophomore wide receiver DeAndrew White has been hospitalized in connection with last night’s incident on the The Strip. White is said to be “not seriously injured” but suffered a concussion during an altercation.

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KJinATL said...

Just proves what my father always said, "Nothing good is going to happen to you after 1:00 am."

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