Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saban likes A-Day the way it is, TYVM

Alabama football: Crimson Tide likes A-Day the way it is
Published on Advertiser - Bama | shared via feedly
A few coaches across the country are toying with the idea of changing spring football games. Bring in outside competition. Play it like an exhibition game, is the feeling.

Nick Saban and Alabama prefer it the way it is, though.

When A-Day regularly draws north of 90,000 fans, why change it? Crowds could near last season’s record of 93,210 when the ball is kicked at 2 p.m. today in Bryant-Denny Stadium.


“It’s probably the closest thing we get to a game that we have until the opening game,” Saban said. “So this is a real opportunity and we play it as close to a real game … You can play these games best against the rest, you can use a point system, you can run a draft and I’ve done it every way you can do it and we’ve settled on it here doing it this way.”

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