Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prom Date Dad praises Trent Richardson

By: @LivingCrimson

Trent Richardson and Courtney AlvisOn Saturday night, not only did Trent Richardson attend his very first prom, he also escorted recovering leukemia patient Courtney Alvis. All of the major news outlets have stories today about the prom date, overwhelmingly complimentary of TRich for being such a caring person. But Jamison Hensley of the ESPN AFC North blog felt compelled to add something negative to the story: “He also can come across cocky in interviews.”

A man claiming to be Courtney Alvis’ father took issue with that description of Trent and posted this comment on ESPN:

Trent Richardson and PromDateDad“never posted before, but I had to after reading some of these posts. With all the media attention this young man came to our house with flowers, asked if he could take our daughter to the prom and interacted with the mass of people there to support them both. Throughout the craziness he was humble, respectful and made my daughter who had been through so much feel like a princess. For that we will forever be in his debt... We have seen her on the ventilator, shaved her head when her hair fail out and numerous other issues, so to see her so happy meant the world. We would have been excited over any prom date after her journey, but see, after being unable to leave the house for a year she lost contact and no one asked her to the prom. Trent stepped up so she wouldn't have to go by herself and his actions were all about making her night all about her. I could not have asked for more of a gentleman!! I am 44 years old and wish I had the compassion and class this young man displayed. My wife and I think of him as family now and will forever owe a debt of gratitude. As for his girls, I got to meet them and they are clearly Daddy's Girls!!”

Bama nation is certainly on board with Courtney’s father. Trent Richardson epitomized class and character at Alabama, despite being in the media spotlight throughout his college career. Now on the eve of the NFL draft when he is being pulled a million different ways by the media, Trent took time to step back from the limelight and give of himself to others.

If any man has a right to be cocky, it’s Richardson who shattered the Bama record books and looks to be one of the highest pick running backs ever taken in the draft. But self-aggrandizement is something we have never seen from him. Unlike Jamison Hensley, Trent understands the power of positive words and actions.

Best wishes to the Alvis family.

Video courtesy of ESPN.

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