Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Police arrest “career criminal” in Mobile mob assault case

image Mobile Police arrested a man they described as a “career criminal” in the assault of a man by an angry mob of people last Saturday. Arrested and charged with first degree assault and third degree burglary was Terry Bernard Rawls.

In earlier reports, officials and neighbors indicated that Rawls and the assault victim Matthew Owens had a long-running dispute. Officials also revealed that the victim had several run-ins with law enforcement, including charges of assault.

An address search shows that Rawls lives on the same street as the victim.

A mob of about 20 people were witnessed beating Owens after Owens had attempted to run off a group of kids playing basketball in the street in front of his home. The kids left, but shortly afterwards a large group of adults cornered Owens and allegedly beat him with chairs, paint cans and pipes. Owens was hospitalized in critical condition.

Witnesses told news reporters that one of the assailants said “that’s justice for Trayvon,” the young black male who was shot by a hispanic volunteer community watch worker last February, touching off a wave of national racial unrest.

The Mobile County District Attorney has not said how many people they expect to be charged, but indicated that other warrants were being prepared and/or investigated.

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