Friday, April 20, 2012

Petrino: It all started with a kiss

Petrino tells AD affair began with a kiss –
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Former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino sent candy to his mistress, called her a "close friend" and suggested the affair that cost him his job started with a kiss over lunch last fall, according to documents released Thursday.

Those details were in handwritten notes kept by a seemingly skeptical athletic director Jeff Long during his investigation of Petrino, who was fired last week. The notes were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Associated Press.

At one point last October, Petrino and Dorrell were sitting in a car, eating lunch and talking and "she said are you going to kiss me," according to Long's notes of his April 10 conversation with Petrino. He then wrote: "Kissed on lunch outing."
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Petrino is a snake but from the notes Long took in his meetings with the former coach, it sounds like Petrino is blaming Dorrell for instigating the relationship that led to his downfall. He's playing the victim, and few will find this convincing.


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