Friday, April 20, 2012

Dr. Lou has a college football playoff plan

Holtz sounds off at Cotton Bowl HOF induction
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The key components to Holtz' plan is that the bowls would remain intact, but would regain the conference affiliations they had prior to the BCS.

"Let's not get rid of bowls, because you aren't going to tell my son (Skip) that when he was at East Carolina and he beat Boise State in a bowl game that that wasn't a great experience for his players," Holtz said."

You go back and say we're going to pick the four teams after [the bowls], all of a sudden every game has great interest, great impact. And all of a sudden there's going to be unbelievable interest in not just the one game, in all the games."

Holtz said his plan would not lessen the importance of the regular season and would actually put meaning back into many of the bowls that seem to serve only as television programming.
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Interesting concept. However, it faces the same hurdles as a plan that would incorporate the bowls as part of a four-team playoff. It would be difficult for fans to make multiple trips to neutral locations over a span of two to three weeks.  These ideas would also result in significant expenses for the schools, most of which already lose money going to a single bowl.

Presidents seem much warmer to the idea of having the semifinal games played on campus with the championship game at a neutral site. That model is also much more fan friendly.


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