Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gus Malzahn spreads the billboard war to the state of Arkansas


Gus Malzahn and his Arkansas State Red Wolves want you to know that they are not fazed by the ongoing billboard hostilities in Mississippi.

Via Chris Bahn at we have this chilling report:

Gus Malzahn wants increased visibility for the Arkansas State football program.

Recruiting well and winning big will help. And the Red Wolves have something else in mind too.

Billboards positioned above some of the busiest roadways in Arkansas have been unveiled featuring Malzahn and the Red Wolves. It is another facet of an aggressive media and marketing push by ASU as Malzahn begins his first season as coach.

Advertisements have been erected featuring the slogan “Game On” with the “stAte” logo and words “2012 | Red Wolves.” Locations include Stadium Drive in Jonesboro, the 1-40/1-55 split in West Memphis, the Highway 67/I-40 split in Little Rock and the I-30 bridge in Little Rock. Fort Smith and Texarkana are also targeted for ads.

Your move, Bobby Petrino.


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