Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clockwork – Auburn fans resume their obsession with Bama players’ vehicles

It’s as predictable as the budding of oak and pecan trees. It’s not really Spring until Auburn fans resume their obsession with the vehicles driven by Alabama football players. Last year, it was Brent Calloway’s alleged new car. A few years back, it was “Operation Red Dog,” a coordinated plan by deranged Auburn fans to entrap Alabama football players by following them around and photographing the vehicles they drove. The obsession had even gotten to the point of a potential criminal conspiracy to commit felony assault.

Now, it’s AJ McCarron’s turn. The image below is making its rounds on Auburn message boards.

Never mind that the University of Alabama has one of the strictest compliance policies in the history of strict compliance policies on documenting vehicle ownership.

Never mind that student-athletes can get thousands of dollars in cash and other benefits—all well within NCAA rules—the amounts of which are more than enough to cover the costs of things like clothes and transportation.

All of that goes in one tin ear and right out of the other. When an Alabama football player shows up with a new ride, it’s gotta be an NCAA violation.

God forbid that McCarron also wear a nice suit to a banquet, or something.

Exit Question: Next week will mark one year since writer Jeffrey Lee accused Brent Calloway of accepting thousands of dollars in impermissible benefits, including a new car. In a radio interview in Mobile, Lee promised additional details that would support his allegations and that he would return to the station to discuss the “evidence.” He never showed for the interview, and no details were ever produced. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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UAAlum94 said...

Nevermind that AJ attended one of the more expensive private schools in Mobile. Pretty sure his parents can afford to buy him whatever vehicle they choose.

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