Friday, March 16, 2012

CBS Prognosticator picks 2012-13 bowls

College Football Bowls -
Published on | shared via feedly and prognosticator Jerry Palm looks ahead to the 2012-13 college football postseason and makes his picks.

Palm has LSU facing USC for the BCS Championship in Miami. Alabama is projected to meet West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl as an at-large BCS team.

Other SEC teams projected for bowl berths are Auburn (Chick Fil-A), Mississippi State (Compass), Missouri (Liberty), Florida, (Gator), Georgia (Capital One), South Carolina (Outback), Arkansas (Cotton) and Texas A&M (Music City).

If Tennessee doesn't make a bowl...

See the full slate here.


Unknown said...

The chicken nugget bowl has become the new home of the API tigers/eagles/plainsmen, much like the old Shreveport Weedeater Bowl. War chicken.

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