Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Tuna and Dr. Lou headline coaching clinic speaker slate

Saban admits a 'pretty stellar lineup' of clinic speakers for this weekend
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Coming off the first practice after spring break, Nick Saban met with reporters to send a couple of messages.

Saban's staff will host their annual coaching clinic for high school coaches beginning on Thursday and concluding on Saturday.  The speakers include Bill Parcells, Lou Holtz, Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano, former Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, and veteran special teams coach Gary Zauner.

In an understatement, Saban offered, "I think we have a pretty stellar lineup." Saban also pointed out, "This is kind of an exclusive..." type of deal for Parcells, who doesn't really kind of do these things.
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Nobody recruits better than Saban, and one of the best recruiting advantages he has consists of developing relationships with high school coaches. Prep coaches will be knocking each other over to sign up for this weekend's clinic. It's a rare opportunity to get insight from coaches who have won championships at the levels their kids hope to reach.


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