Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AJ McCarron ready to lead

AJ at ease and ready to lead
Published on Advertiser - Bama | shared via feedly
The game of football can move real fast for a first-year starting quarterback.

Whoa, did AJ McCarron learn that a year ago. His facial expression when asked about it said as much. Still, once things slowed down, he made it out last season with a national championship ring.

“I thought they were cheating,” he said. “I didn’t think they were playing with 11. I thought there were 22 out there.”
Now entering his first spring as the solid No. 1, the rising junior from Mobile can look back at the growing process of his first year.
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In an offensive system that doesn't rely on the quarterback to win games, having a confident, smart signal caller is a major plus. Rarely will a game come down to McCarron having to make critical third-and-long plays or lead fourth quarter comebacks. Confidence makes all the difference in the world, and having "been there" does nothing to shake confidence.

Check out Saban's comments about offensive philosophy at the link.


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