Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jarrett Lee, talking about BCS snub, bugs LSU fans

image As many of you know, I am close friends with an LSU graduate and booster. We’ve spent the better part of our adult lives working together on many different civic projects. We’re brothers for 51 weeks out of normal years, but had to take two off in 2011.

He says he echoes a lot of his fellow purple and gold brethren when he says, “I love Jarrett Lee for what he’s done as a Tiger. But now I just wish he’d STFU.

“He’s not helping.”

Lee is making headlines again this week after an interview with the Baton Rouge Advocate’s Scott Rabalais, in which he waxes melancholic about not being called on in the BCS Championship Game against eventual champion Alabama.

Lee says he thinks he could have helped. My friend doesn’t know one way or another, but he wishes Lee would just let the wounds start the long, painful healing process.

“I’m definitely very proud and appreciative of what people have been saying and all those good things,” Lee said. “Each day at LSU I tried to give it my all and work hard.

“I’m definitely proud to be an LSU Tiger.”

“I felt, if I was given the opportunity, I could have come in and done things to help.

“I don’t know what happened. Obviously, the coaches had a reason for doing what they did. As a player, you have to respect that. But there were some players and plays that could have helped us win.”

Wondering whether or not Lee could have made an impact or changed the outcome of the game is a lot like wondering what would have happened had Nick Saban chosen to go for it on any of the 2,433 missed field goals in the first game on November 5. Or if the replay officials had given Patrick Peterson that interception or if the officials had called pass interference against LSU in the end zone that fateful night or if Bama didn’t get two scores in two minutes to win on that other fateful night 1998 or…  any other time I or my friend had our hopes dashed.

“It is what it is,” he said to me. “I wish he’d move on.”

I lived in southeast Louisiana for two years as a senior project manager, working on several very big storm risk reduction and flood control projects. I made many more great friends in the Bayou State. There’s no more passionate fan base in the country than LSU fans. Anywhere. I love them all for 51 weeks out of the year.

They still love Jarrett Lee but right now, they just want him to hush.

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