Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kiffin holdover is no longer a part of Dooley's staff

Kiffin holdover is no longer a part of Dooley's staff
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One of the few holdovers from Lane Kiffin’s one-year stint at Tennessee, Steve Rubio, is no longer a member of Derek Dooley’s staff, UT spokesman Jimmy Stanton confirmed Tuesday. 

Rubio, who was infamously linked to the recent NCAA investigation into UT’s football program, held the position of director of player personnel for the past two seasons.

Stanton would not specify whether Rubio left on his own volition or had been fired.

The NCAA was originally prompted to investigate UT’s football program after a violation involving Kiffin and Rubio, then a recruiting intern, popped up on the SEC’s radar.

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