Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amputee Aaron Johnson Inspires Teammates

Stories like this are why people love sports. This young lady could use her physical limitations as a crutch or an excuse. Instead, she overcomes it and does so in a way that inspires her teammates and blows away everyone around her.

No shortcuts for Aaron -
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She stands a bit taller than 5-foot-6, inspires her teammates to play as well as they can and is headed to a major university after graduation. Her teammates and coaches say she’s an irreplaceable part of the squad, and off the court, she’s an honor society member.

No, that’s not referring to West Morgan’s three-time all-state guard, Hayden Hamby, although the Purdue University basketball recruit has all of those qualities, too.

Instead, it refers to Aaron Johnson, who gets into games only occasionally but still manages to have an impact on the Lady Rebels.

She plays with a prosthetic right leg, the result of a summer camp accident nearly seven years ago.
Go read Aaron's story here.

Helmet tap to Brandon Rice.


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