Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick Bama fan shown sexually assaulting unconscious LSU fan after BCS Championship

Sometime in the hours following Alabama’s 21-0 win over LSU in New Orleans, an Alabama fan was recorded on video, committing what may have been a crime that could land him behind bars.

I am not linking to or embedding the video. You can Google it if you want but if you consider yourself a decent human being, prepare to be disgusted and infuriated by the appalling display of sick behavior.

What that sick bastard is shown doing to an unconscious rival fan is a crime. It is sexual assault and he needs to be identified, arrested and put on trial. It isn’t funny and if you’ve seen the video and laughed at it, then you’re no better than he is. Nor are any of the fans who stood around, did nothing about it and recorded it on cell phones.

Alabama fans like to say that they display more class than other fan bases. Incidents like this belie that claim and simply reinforce the stereotypes people hold regarding the Bama Nation. The argument that this was an isolated incident and doesn’t reflect on the entire fan base falls on deaf ears—dozens of people stood around and did nothing to stop the apparent abuse.

It wasn’t funny. If the events unfolded as the video appears to show, then that was sexual assault. It wasn’t cool. It was a crime. Behavior like that has no place in a civilized society and if Alabama fans expect to be treated with respect and dignity when they encounter other fans, then the Bama Nation needs to turn its back on this guy, and turn his ass in.

If you know who the individual is, you are duty bound to identify him to the New Orleans Police Department. Call (504) 658-4000 and turn this criminal over to the authorities.

And don’t you dare try to defend or explain away this despicable behavior.

UDPATE: Bama Hammer weighs in with the usual insight and begs to differ with my opinion that the miscreant’s violation of the inebriated LSU fan rises to the level of a criminal offense. Instead of having the idiot subject himself to reporting as a sexual offender for the rest of his life, Hammer suggests a little “country justice” may be in order. That worries me—vigilantism exacts payment for offenses real and imagined without due process. The video presents a fairly clear picture that an uncrossable line was crossed anyway. It’s obvious who’s involved in the video, but exactly what went on and in what context is less so. It looks bad, but things aren’t always as they seem even on an internet video.

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Alam0n said...

In this link the guy idenitifies himself.............

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