Sunday, January 15, 2012

Former Bama star Lee Roy Jordan calls Oklahoma State a "flag football" team

Nick Saban ushering in new golden age of Alabama football, Lee Roy Jordan believes
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From an interview published in the Mobile Press-Register on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

Jordan, who watched the BCS title game in the Superdome with the same group of friends who joined him to watch Alabama beat Miami for the 1992 national crown, said last week's 21-0 win was "probably the best defensive game I've ever seen, college or pro." 

And for those who think the lack of offense somehow taints Alabama's title or leaves some doubt as to whether an offensive power like Oklahoma State might have outscored Alabama or LSU, Jordan has a few words for you. 

"I got up in somebody's face last night: 'Oh, you like flag football,'" said Jordan, who owns a lumber company in the Dallas area. "I don't know that Oklahoma State's quarterback would have made it through the first quarter against either one of them. 

"I get a little perturbed with these guys who like flag football."

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