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Shaun Alexander not surprised the Tide shut out LSU, and talks up Trent Richardson

By: @LivingCrimson

Shaun Alexander at BCS national championship game 1-9-12On the field after the BCS National Championship Game, former Bama and NFL great Shaun Alexander said he wasn’t surprised Alabama dominated LSU. In fact, he said the same thing almost happened on November 5th.

“If we had punted the ball a couple of times instead of kicking long field goals, I don’t know if they would have crossed the 50 the first time we played them.”

The NFL MVP running back went on to talk about the history making performance turned in by the Tide defense, and his confidence that Bama’s current running back Trent Richardson will have an outstanding pro career.

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You won’t find anybody around here disagreeing with Shaun’s recap of the Bama-LSU series, or with Richardson’s future success for that matter. Heisman finalist Richardson shattered the Alabama record book this season.

Trent Richardson Records

All-Purpose Yards In Season: 2,083, surpassing Heisman Top 10 Bobby Humphrey (2,016), Heisman winner Mark Ingram (1,992), Heisman finalist David Palmer (1,961), and Shaun Alexander (1,796).

All-Purpose Yards In Career: 4,578, second only to future Pro-Bowler Bobby Humphrey (4,958) and surpassing future Pro-Bowler Shaun Alexander (4,433).

Total Touchdowns In Season: 24, tied with future NFL All-Pro Shaun Alexander; and tops in SEC history.

Rushing Yards In Season: 1,679, surpassing Mark Ingram (1,658), Bobby Humphrey (1,471), Glen Coffee (1,383) and Shaun Alexander (1,383).

Rushing Touchdowns In Season: 21, surpassing Shaun Alexander (19), Mark Ingram (17) and Siran Stacy (17); and second in SEC history.

Points In Season: 144, tied with Shaun Alexander and surpassing kicker Leigh Tiffin (132) and Mark Ingram (120); and second in SEC history by only 3 points.

Interesting to note Richardson had about 200 less career rushing attempts than older running backs on the list, and 50 fewer than Mark Ingram.


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