Friday, January 6, 2012

Saban and Muschamp attempt to reach Pease Accord

image Alabama’s Nick Saban and Florida’s Will “Padawan” Muschamp met in battle on the field and the Master came away with an impressive victory.

Now, it looks like they’re going at it again—only this time the prize is a coveted offensive coordinator named Brent Pease. According to a report on, both head coaches are after the Boise State assistant to replace coordinators who have left their respective programs to take head coaching jobs.

According to sources cited by ESPN, Pease and his wife were set for a visit to the Gainesville campus today. There was no confirmation on whether Pease has interviewed for the Alabama job, but several independent sources indicate that he has.

So, assuming he’s interested in leaving Boise State, where does he land? He has a chance to coach a more talented offense at Alabama, but he’ll have to live under the constraints placed on him by Saban, who doesn’t exactly think spraying the ball around the field is a winning offensive strategy.  At Florida, he’s more likely to enjoy the freedom of opening up his playbook and getting creative, but the Gator talent pool is shallower than that of the Tide.

Regardless of where Pease ends up—again assuming he leaves the Broncos—it shows that the Southeastern Conference is the place to make a name for yourself as an assistant coach, especially if your ambitions include a head coaching gig. It would also be a homerun hire for either program.

May Pease be with you.

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