Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RIP, Randy the Rooster

image Tragically, Randy the Rooster has died after being struck in a heinous hit-and-run in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Randy was one of three popular residents of Government Street, a narrow city street lined with shops, restaurants and office buildings. The other two, Carl and The General were said to be distraught over the loss, despite the fact that Randy was struck and killed just moments after a confrontation with Carl.

Carl, by the way, has about 2,500 friends on his Facebook page.

“It was really sad. People were coming up and crying and traffic was starting to back up,” said area resident Kay Cox, an employee of a nearby shop. Cox, an apparent witness to the tragedy, said that Carl and Randy had gotten into some type of altercation and were jumping at each other. But the kerfuffle ended and as Randy was walking across the street afterwards, he wandered into the path of a beige SUV that might have been exceeding the street’s 25 mph speed limit.

The driver of the SUV that smooshed Randy has not been identified, but when contacted by IBCR staff, outgoing governor Haley Barbour pledged to pardon the perpetrator.

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