Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coaching Contract Details for Nick Saban and Les Miles

Marvin Gentry/US PresswireJames K. Gentry and Raquel Meyer Alexander of the New York Times News Service requested and received copies of the Nick Saban and Les Miles coaching contracts from Alabama and LSU. Summaries of the compensation packages for each coach are interesting:

  • If LSU wins the BCS title, Miles’ salary will be adjusted so that it is the highest in the SEC plus $1,000.
  • If Alabama wins the BCS title, Saban will receive a $400,000 bonus.
  • Saban will receive a $200,000 bonus from Alabama because his team is playing for the national title. Miles will receive the same amount from LSU.
  • Saban’s base salary is $225,000. Miles’ base salary is $300,000.
  • Saban is paid $4.68 million in total compensation before bonuses. Miles is paid $3.75 million before bonuses.
  • Saban’s total compensation includes a “talent fee” of $3.93 million. Miles total compensation includes a “radio/television/Internet” payment of $2.90 million.
  • Every year Saban remains at Alabama, he receives an annual retention bonus of $533,333. Miles receives $550,000.
  • Saban and his immediate family have two full-size automobiles for business and personal use, and do not have to pay operating expenses or purchase insurance. Miles has a “courtesy vehicle allowance” of $7,200 a year.
  • Saban has the use of a noncommercial airplane for a maximum of 25 hours per year. He also gets the use of a 15-seat luxury box and 22 luxury box tickets for football games at Bryant-Denny Stadium, 12 additional general-admission season tickets, and free tickets to other Alabama sporting events.
  • Saban can earn up to $100,000 if the football team’s graduation rate is in the top 25% of the SEC. Miles can earn up to $200,000 for various academic achievements.
  • If Miles or Saban were fired this year, Miles would receive $18.75 million and Saban would receive his entire annual base salary and talent fee for the remaining contract but spread out over a long period of time.

The Saban Football Camps, Inc. in Louisiana remains intact, although Saban now works for Alabama. It has just been renamed Tiger Football Camps, Inc. and Miles has replaced Saban as president.

Nick Saban owns a corporation that handles his media appearances and endorsements and receives income in addition to his endorsement deals with Coca-Cola and Ford.

Les Miles and his wife, Kathy, have five registered corporations in Louisiana and his contract stipulates he can require LSU to contract with another corporation for services that are part of his fee for media appearances.

Miles has a very interesting clause in his contract. He would have to pay LSU $1.25 million if he were to take the head coaching job at Michigan, where he played and was an assistant.

Saban also has an unusual clause in his contract. He is expected to prevent “the unnecessary spatting of athletic shoes worn” in games. In other words, Tide players are not allowed to put white tape over their shoes and cover the logo for Nike, which has a contract with the University.

Roll Not Nike, Roll Not.

Read the full article here.

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UAbob1986 said...

Did you forget to mention that Nick Saban is a partner with Larry Spinosa of Baton Rouge in Beltway 8 Associates and has been since 11/24/2004? I believe, if you check closely, you will find that corporation has gotten itself into quite a financial mess. It just seems that, if you talked about all of Les Miles corporations, you would want to include all of Nicholas L. Saban's. Just being thorough.

David L. said...

Oh, snap!

Also forgot to mention that Saban's personal residence at Lake Burton is up for sale.

Maybe this is all just too big and complicated for us peasants to understand.

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