Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gus Malzahn breaks down Bama defense, explains how to attack it

image Former Auburn offensive coordinator joined ESPN’s Dari Nowkhah and gave his best shot at breaking down the Alabama defense and explaining different ways an innovative offensive coordinator might attack it.

You see very little of the 2011 Iron Bowl in this video. It’s mostly from the 2009 and 2010 games—two very close contests in which Auburn had decent talent and experience on the offensive side of the ball. The 2011 Iron Bowl was an unmitigated disaster for Malzahn’s offensive unit, which produced exactly zero points.

There is a four-page (currentl) thread on this over at Tidefans.com and well… hilarity has ensued.

But give Coach Malzahn credit. He goes out of his way to remark that the Crimson Tide defense is the best in the country, at one point saying that it’s the “best defense I’ve ever coached against in six years” of being a college offensive coordinator.

He thinks LSU should feel good about winning the game if they’re able to score 21 points.

Bama fans hope the LSU braintrust try to “man up” and hammer it between the tackles.

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mhelton said...

Awesome Love it thanks for contribution to al.com

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