Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ALERT: Bama fans ordering from may have had personal info stolen

Tide fans ordering from may have had credit card information stolen
Published on Bama | shared via feedly
University of Alabama fans who bought items from between Aug. 1, 2009, and Jan. 16, 2012, are being alerted to contact their banks for possible illegal and unauthorized use of their credit cards. has sent out email notifications informing customers about a breach in its database, which was discovered this week by the company's IT director, David H. Jones.

In his email, Jones says information including customers' names, email addresses, billing and shipping addresses, telephone numbers, credit card information and/or a cryptographically scrambled passwords (not the actual password).

If you have ordered merchandise from the establishment, and/or you have received an email from the company alerting you to the possibility of identity and credit card theft, contact your bank immediately.


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