Monday, December 12, 2011

Auburn’s Gus Malzahn is early favorite for Arkansas State job

image Sun Belt Conference and other reliable sources indicate to IBCR that Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has emerged as an early favorite to take over the Arkansas State Red Wolves head coaching position. Former Red Wolves head coach Hugh Freeze left the program last week after accepting the Ole Miss head coaching position.

The current Auburn offensive coordinator is an Arkansas native and is said to be a front runner to take over Freeze’s spot. Freeze’s offense at Arkansas State has been built around a high-octane spread attack similar to Malzahn’s hurry-up-no-huddle offense. Arkansas state led the Sun Belt conference in scoring and total offense, going undefeated in the league and winning the conference title.

Malzahn also enjoys the advantage of having coached high school programs in the state, and would certainly exploit his contacts in the state’s high school coaching fraternity in recruiting.

There is no indication that Malzahn has interviewed for the position. Auburn is currently preparing for their Chick Fil-A Bowl appearance vs. Virginia.

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Jeremy said...

I can't see Malzahn going to Arkansas State. It's the Arkansas equivalent to Troy. I can't believe he would pass up Vandy and take the Ark St job the following year.

Thomas said...

That's quite a drop from the supposed 2.5 million offer he got from Vandy last year

UAAlum94 said...

That's what a good wife will do for you! I'm sure he's so glad she did made her appearance at the religious function.

Jeremy said...

And the Malzahn coaching in high school in Arkansas is overplayed (I live in Arkansas). This is a one team state so he's not going to steal any recruits from the Hogs. And the ones who pass on Arkansas usually go out of state, so you're left with 2 and 3 star guys.

Scott said...

They can't pay him what he makes at Auburn as an OC.

trevor said...

He is after job security, long term. There are allot of problems at Auburn and allot of asst. fleeing for other places. He has been offered a million $ house and all expenses paid, car and $500,000 a year.

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