Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twitter Meltdown: Finebaum says “little brother,” Auburn fan base goes BOOM

image At 11:18 am on Thursday, September 22, 2011, Paul Finebaum’s official Twitter account posted the following:

Finebaum's latest column: Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn

The link goes to Finebaum’s column at, wherein he describes how events have conspired to seemingly prevent the Auburn fambly from fully enjoying their 2010 undefeated season and BCS Championship. No one knows where that fanbase’s buttons are better than the host of the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, which airs on Sirius/XM 91 from 2:00 to 6:00 each weekday afternoon.

If you want proof that he knows where their buttons are and how to push’em, here are some of the Twitter responses that followed in the one hour period following Finebaum’s tweet:

chriscotton77 @finebaum wow you are a journalistic stooge. Bama must have gotten the letter.

autigers1970  @finebaum This is just laziness. SI should demand their $$ back.

AUGreenLantern @finebaum hey Pawl I got two words for you - YOU SUCK!!!

@finebaum Pawl give it a rest - so sick of your garage!!!!

aumjrpayne  @finebaum Are you afraid about the crimes of your boss Saban?

aubietodd  I've listened to @finebaum to laugh at the callers but the SI article is insane. Officially done supporting this garbage.

BettyCrocked  @finebaum still struggling with Auburn's National Championship. What a butthurt little updyke he is....

ajacobs78  @WarBlogle @finebaum And he wonders why he's not welcomed in AU. Again he proves he marches to the beat of bammers drums. Pathetic

RealistNation  @finebaum This article sucks just like you do Carpetbagger.

BadAUrabbit @finebaum: Finebaum's latest column: I am an idiot and am laughing that SI was stupid enough to hire me to write repetitive fantasy.

EDIRPUA  @WarBlogle @finebaum Blogle would you stop giving that scumbag the free pub? He will not stop until he ruins us. AU folks need to stay away.

Auburn_fan1  @WarBlogle Its football season. @finebaum listeners have real sports writers & commentators to listen to.

bamshackle @finebaum Way to beat a dead horse. The cloud will always hang over Auburn until people like you stop reporting like TMZ.

ANDREZY6205  @WarBlogle @finebaum I use to respect this guy not anymore he is trying his best to bring AU down and he uses radio and now si to do loser

TracedelaTorre  @finebaum A cloud only hangs over AU bc people like you continue to bring it up every chance u get, then seemed shocked when its brought up

SassySouthBlog @VanAllenPlexico @finebaum I just unfollowed. There is only so much asshattery I can take and Finebaum just hit it. That's not journalism.

WarBlogle Ratings must've gotten low. WE @finebaum Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn

ANDREZY6205 @finebaum It's funny how u are the only person still talking about Cam. There is nothing you can do about our 2010 title I use to respect u

@VanAllenPlexico @finebaum Who is little brother??? Bama has won what? Two of the last 10 against AU. FB is such a jealous little homer.

n2auburn @finebaum little brother? To who?

ajacobs78  @finebaum AUBsession at its finest.

VanAllenPlexico It's not as much anger from an Auburn fan/alum as just surprise at the sheer dull repetition of this one-note wonder. @finebaum

brooksw44 Like I've said many times, @finebaum is the epitome of poor journalism.

JB8510 @finebaum Another genius piece on a breaking story of Cam Newton and Auburn's young football team. Ever think abt having your callers write?

VanAllenPlexico The lack of imagination, creativity & originality displayed by @finebaum writing his SI column on Auburn "cloud" is breathtaking.

rossenator22 Why did SI employ you again? @finebaum: Finebaum's latest column: Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn

joshdub23 @VanAllenPlexico @finebaum Its a horrible article. I have seen message board rants written better than that

VanAllenPlexico ARE U KIDDING?! RT“@finebaum: Finebaum's latest Even after winning natl title, cloud still hangs over Auburn

BigDavidMullins @finebaum new SI article says a cloud still hangs over #Auburn and the Title. It's only there because you dont have $&!t else to talk about

lunatickfringe @finebaum, the new face of copy and paste journalism. Well, at least he's recycling.

joshdub23 haha...@finebaum couldn't make it three whole sentences without making a mistake in his joke of an article

mbjclay Trolling at its rage-inducing finest RT @finebaum: Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn


phylomatic said...

The family completely missed the point that the whole nation and a much larger population of people (SI compared to XM/Sirius) will once again be reminded that the title @ *U is questionable.

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