Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATED: Texas A&M sends “Dear John” Letter to Big XII


image According to the New York Times’ Pete Thamel, Texas A&M has formally transmitted a “Dear John” letter to the Big XII, all but assuring that the Aggies will be playing football in the SEC at some point in the very near future.

Thamel notes the $15 million (estimated) alimony exit fee and the Southeastern Conference’s marriage proposal formal invitation to join the league, which requires approval of nine of the 12 existing conference members. These are potential stumbling blocks but does anyone seriously expect these to prevent the move? Surely A&M already knows they have the votes in Birmingham, and that $15 million is scratch with their humungous endowment.

If all goes according to plan, the SEC’s 13th member could be playing an SEC schedule in the 2012 season. Assuming the SEC is unable to recruit a running mate for the Aggies to round out a 14-team conference and balance the schedule, Thamel also notes that the math of putting together the slate of matchups could be tricky.

In case you missed it, my friend the Bandit Ref has “The Break Up Talk” cartoon. Bandit Ref and K1ngCrimson are the rogues responsible for Houndstoothmen.com, the startup site with cartoons, lampoons and other silly SEC stuff.

Exit Question: It doesn’t matter whether the SEC gets a 14th team to round out the schedule or not. The only question remaining is how many teams get bye weeks before playing Alabama in the 2012 schedule.

UPDATE: Thamel now says the communication between Texas A&M and the Big XII was via telephone, not a letter, and that his earlier information was incorrect. Still, who thinks this is not only a matter of time?

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Anonymous said...

LSU and Bama have always had their Bye Week before they play each other. You can discount that one now the rest I do not know but LSU has always had their bye week after the Ole Miss game which used to be played on Halloween week but no longer they have tried to keep it near the middle of the schedule as possible so they picked the Bama Game since that is when Bama has theirs. With that being said they both are rested when they do play and also it always usually comes down between those two and with Miles history of winning the games he has more than a week to prepare for it gives them that advantage or so it seems. Miles, if you’re scoring at home, is 16-2 when he has more than a week to prep for an opponent. Say what you want about his odd quirks, but Miles is almost unbeatable when given more than a week to prepare for an opponent and when facing an out of conference foe is 28-1 in non-conference games and LSU is 33-0 in non-conference regular season games leads the Nation and Les is responsible for 27 of those wins without a loss. So you can understand why LSU has picked the Bama game more than not. I'll leave Y'all with that to ponder. You are right where will A&M chose to take their Bye week and if I'm not mistaken they have to play 2 years without a Conference Bye? Just a thought seems I saw that somewhere and maybe not something to check on though.

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