Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tell me if you believe this statement: Federal regulations provide a net economic benefit

If you asked a Government Executive whether he thought what he’s doing is worthwhile, WTF do you think his answer is going to be? If you asked the agency charged with overseeing the costs of the massive and oppressive set of federal regulations and unfunded mandates whether they thought telling you what kind of light bulbs you can buy was a good idea, or whether you can only buy toilets that take three flushes to “clear the air,” do you think you’d get a positive response?

Of course you would.

OMB and its army of bureaucrats set out to make their case by cherry picking the rules, regulations and unfunded mandates the federal government burdens states, local governments and private citizens with on a daily basis. Only rules promulgated by Energy, EPA, Health & Human Services, Interior and Transportation.

USDA? Nada. Department of Commerce? Nope. Department of Education? Fuggeddaboutit. No National Marine Fisheries. No Food & Drug Administration. No Internal Revenue Service. No Social Security Administration. No Small Business Administration.

But federal regulations provide a net economic benefit, right citizen?

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