Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And you thought the Iron Bowl rivalry was fierce

At least Alabama and Auburn fans haven’t started sending mail bombs.

Two potentially lethal parcel bombs were sent to Neil Lennon -- the manager of Scottish soccer giant Celtic -- in the latest attacks on the club, its players and supporters, police said Wednesday.The bombs -- which contained liquid explosives and nails -- were intercepted before they reached the offices of the soccer coach.
The first bomb was discovered March 4 -- a day after a Celtic and Rangers match ended in violence both on and off the field, with three players sent off and 34 people arrested.
The second bomb was intercepted by mail staff in a sorting office March 26. Two days later, a parcel addressed to Godman was delivered to her constituency office.
Three weeks later, on April 15, a fourth package was intercepted before it was delivered to McBride.
The crude, homemade devices appeared to be designed to detonate when the liquid came into contact with oxygen or sunlight, Sky News reported. Mitchell refused to confirm any details about the packages but agreed that they were able of causing serious harm.

SEC sports fans take their teams and themselves seriously, but soccer fans in the UK make the Iron Bowl rivalry look like your garden variety kindergarten kerfuffle.  Auburn and Alabama fans poison trees, make up stories about recruiting improprieties, call each other silly names and generally thank God that they aren’t anything like those other guys.
Soccer fans in the UK? Jihad!
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