Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Uh Oh: An audio clip of one of the supposed “Bond Tapes” has surfaced (UPDATED) has obtained what is alleged to be one of the tapes held by John Bond and Bill Bell, with Cecil Newton allegedly telling “John” that there really was an offer on the table from Auburn.

Various folks on the site are providing filtered versions of the recording. The original is pretty bad, with hissing so bad that the voices are barely audible.

Use your own judgment, but go visit the site, download the audio files and see if you can figure out whose voice(s) are on the recording.

Maybe Scott Moore has a little bit more credibility on this than his enemies on Twitter and teh innerwebs thought.


UPDATE: When I posted this at 11:43 am CST, Only two sites had posted copies of the recording.

As you might expect, it promptly went viral. I can’t find a sports related message board or blog site where this news isn’t the top traffic draw for the day.  Well, there was the SPORTSbyBROOKS sputter, but…

Consensus is that since the chain of custody of this recording is highly suspect and no one really knows exactly who is speaking, the authenticity is highly questionable. It does indicate—as I mentioned in the morning post—that Mr. Scott Moore probably wasn’t bluffing.

Here’s about as fair of a transcript as can be deciphered from the grainy recording, even run through filters on readily available audio file editors:

Hey John this is C. We wanna come up there but uh, it's not gonna be free. We got two offers now and uh, two hundred thousand ... from Auburn. He wants to play there so uh (Dad! They know all this! Don't go there). Listen John, he really wants to go up there, so uh, we'll give him up to you for 150, he needs to go with a fair price, I just don't wanna give to you this free meal you know? When you get this uh, gimme a call back.

Despite the yet to be determined authenticity of the recording, the fact that this thing went viral in a matter of hours says that the public remains highly tuned into this case. It’s not just Alabama people, either.  Links and copies of the audio are showing up on national sports blogs and message boards for TCU, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Little Sisters of the Poor. The recording may not serve as evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Newtons (i.e., lying to the NCAA reinstatement staff that Cam knew nothing of the pay-for-play scheme), it is proof that Joe Sports Fan hungers for information.

Beyond reasonable doubt.

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