Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BREAKING: Ray Perkins to McGill Toolen Catholic High School

image Per Randy Kennedy, Mobile Press-Register Sports Editor.

Speaking today on WNSP’s Sports Drive (105.5 FM, Mobile, Alabama), Ray Perkins has reportedly been offered the head coaching job at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, and he has agreed to the deal in principle.

McGill-Toolen Catholic is Mobile’s only Catholic High School and current AHSAA Director Steve Savarese coached there.

Kennedy said that before the show goes off the air tonight at 6:00 pm, the Press-Register and WNSP hoped to have a more definitive statement.

I hope McT understands what kind of guy Perkins is. When he was the Head Coach at Alabama, he once learned that there was a sports writer in Dothan who liked him.

Perkins legendarily drove from Tuscaloosa to the Wiregrass, just to piss that reporter off.

UPDATE March 30, 2011:Perkins has taken his name out of consideration for the job, according to Bob Grip of WALA Fox 10 News.

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TigerTide5781 said...

Ray Perkins has a stellar resume as a head coach in college football; but he has never been a "people person" fan-friendly, and if he goes to McGill-Toolen High School, then at his age of 69 or 70, it can only be for the very short term. In the short term, McGill-Toolen would benefit from the publicity/attention of having Ray Perkins as head coach; but there is no "long term" here. Moreover, lest anyone at McGill-Toolen doubt it, Ray Perkins will be in control of their football program, and not the other way around. He's got a "history" as a coach, that no one wants to talk about because of the accolades of hiring a coach like him. I will support Ray Perkins; but I'd rather see McGill-Toolen choose a younger coach who has a real commitment to McGill-Toolen, who has the passion and attitude of a "winner" in football and in life, and one who can teach those young men playing football for our Yellow Jackets.

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