Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ruh Roh: NCAA to Hammer Tennessee?

Clay Travis at NCAA Fanhouse has the exclusive, so I’m only going to link to his article and post this snippet.

The NCAA will cite the University of Tennessee's football program with a failure to monitor violation stemming from the short tenure of head coach Lane Kiffin, multiple sources close to the investigation both inside and outside the university told FanHouse.

The violation is related to improper recruiting contacts by Vol coaches and by Vol hostesses in the since disbanded Orange Pride program. What's more, in a stunning development that reaches across the country and implicates another of the nation's most-storied programs, the NCAA will also cite current USC head coach Lane Kiffin with a failure to monitor charge as well as additional citations against Kiffin's brother-in-law, David Reaves, formerly an assistant quarterbacks coach at Tennessee.

image And then I’ll remind readers that yesterday, the media was abuzz over the fact that Kiffin was on his way to signing a big time class at USC, despite that program facing crippling sanctions over the Reggie Bush affair.

While that case is under appeal, the sanctions weren’t binding until the Committee on Appeals has ruled. This lets the staff sign as many as the rules allow.

Exit question: Do you think Kiffin’s nose thumbing at USC has anything to do with the severity of the coming hammer blow?

Double Exit question: Do you think that given the recent antics down on the plains at Auburn, the NCAA lowers a heavier boom if pay-for-play and deliberate eligibility gamesmanship is proven?

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