Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BINGOGATE BREAKING NEWS: McGregor doesn’t think the electronic monitoring bracelet is that bad, after all

Via Max Reiss’ Twitter account:



Interesting development.  McGregor was due in court this morning for a hearing on his motion to have the device removed. He had filed the motion under seal, ostensibly to protect “sensitive” medical information. The government however, goofed and failed to file its brief in opposition under seal.

That prompted McGregor’s attorneys to plead to the court for any relief it deemed proper.

Who knows what today’s action means. But out of sheer speculation, what if McGregor is deciding to turn state’s evidence, or something. Electronic monitoring isn’t needed for a defendant who is pleading out and cooperating with the prosecution, right?

Update: News reports indicate that the decision to drop the request came after McGregor’s attorneys and prosecutors disagreed over whether witnesses could be called in today’s scheduled hearing, so my speculation appears to be unfounded.

Back to the popcorn munching…




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